Icosmo Complete
Icosmo Complete

The Icosmo Complete modules:

Module 1: Orbital Period
Module 2: Wavelength
Module 3: Frequency
Module 4: Radix Aspect

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Modul 1: 
Icosmo “orbital period” calculator
Calculates tuning data based on orbital periods of planets, moons or any other period, ranging from years, over hours, minutes to seconds.

Modul 2/3: Wavelength and Frequency Converter

Modul 4: Icosmo “radix aspect to interval” converter
Converts horoscope planet aspects into intervals into chromatic keys, based on the fundamental G (Earth day tone).

Remote: Control window from which the separate modules can be started.


Icosmo Clock
Icosmo Clock

Tune Your Chronobiology with Icosmo Clock System

Embark on a journey of chrono-biological alignment with the innovative Icosmo Clock System. This revolutionary system delineates the transition between daytime and nighttime through a circular spectral color layout, commencing at 06:00 AM for daytime and 06:00 PM for nighttime.

In harmony with the spectral color scale, ranging from red to red-violet, each hour is accompanied by corresponding tones, chakras, body zones, hierarchic zodiac members, and their elemental affiliations.

Modernizing the classical circular clock layout, our design rotates counterclockwise, featuring the current digital time at the top of the display. A flashing indicator points to the chrono-biological symbols column on the time disk, which orbits the central section of the clock.

At the heart of the clock lies the current chakra hour, complemented by a background layer revealing the cymatic photograph of the hour’s tone as a mesmerizing standing wave on water.

Expanding further, the outer display areas encompass cosmic octave tones corresponding to planetary, solar, and lunar relations, chakra-related body zones, the present moon phase, and the date.

Step into the realm of Icosmo Clock System and synchronize your essence with the rhythmic pulse of the cosmos.