About Icosmo

Guided by the profound wisdom of the cosmic octave and the intrinsic order frequencies of nature, Icosmo draws inspiration from the Tao doctrine’s understanding of the cyclic rhythms of life.

At its core, our project delves into the intricate dance between time and its cyclical impact on personal integrity throughout each passing day.

Our mission is to craft a suite of tools that empower individuals to synchronize harmoniously with the grand tapestry of nature and the cosmos.

Echoing the ebb and flow of time and space, our tone and colour palette dynamically shifts, mirroring the evolving essence of existence. Our focus lies in providing comprehensive voice data, offering an auditory reflection of the intricate tapestry of nature’s highest-order correlations. These tools are designed not only to deepen our sensory connection with the resonance of life but also to envision a novel approach to the interplay of colours and tones.

Every facet of life, whether personal or communal, finds representation in a unique nexus of colour and sound resonance. Yet, this representation is not static; it fluidly adapts, undergoing a daily metamorphosis in sync with the cyclic cadence of days, weeks, months, and years.

As individuals, we are inherently attuned to the broader vibrational context of existence. Rooted in this understanding is the timeless wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine, where chronobiology emerges as a bridge between ancient Eastern philosophy and modern Western science.