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Icosmo Clock

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Tune your chrono biology

The Icosmo Clock system shows the duality of daytime and nighttime by a circular spectral colour layout, which divides daytime starting at 06.00 am and nighttime starting at 06:00 pm. Directly related to the spectral colour scale (red to red-violet) are the tones of the hour, chakras, the corresponding body zones, hirachric zodiac members and their four elements.

Icosmo Clock collageThe modernized idea of a classical circular clock layout is rotating counter clockwise by showing the actual time on the top of the display as digital time and the flashing indicator points to the chrono-biological symbols column on the time disk, which is orbiting the central section of the clock.

The central section contains the actual chakra hour and a background layer showing the cymatic photo of the hour tone as standing wave on water.

Also on the outer display areas, there are the cosmic octave tone to planet, sun and moon relations, chakra related body zone, the actual moon phase and the date.