Icosmo Clock 2016
Inspired by the teachings of the cosmic octave, the doctrine of the order frequencies of nature, in connection with the Tao doctrine of the cycles of biological life. This project is concerned with the relationship of time and their cyclically repeating effects on the integrity of the person in the course of each day.

The aim of the project is to develop a range of tools that assist an individual synchronization with the macroscopic relationships of nature and the cosmos.

Tone and colors follow its expiry, the changing quality of time in space. It's about providing all relevant voice data to have an acoustic reflection of their nature available to extremely high order correlations of nature and life and to use them for sensual depiction of the resonance.
The vision of a new way of dealing with colors and tones.

Any situation of their own but also the common life can be summed up in a displayable color and sound resonance point. However, this is not stoic and rigid but fluent convertible he takes every day a repetitive conversion in accordance with the cyclic sequences of the day, the week, the month of the year.

The human being is voted at all levels through the embedding in a higher level vibration context of life. The medical teaching institution maximum times delivered in traditional Chinese medicine is an expression of a branch of science that has found the term chronobiology its way into the West.